Summary: This is an email sent to Lizzie Greene, Group Legal Advisor at the Daily Mail & Associated Newspapers to follow up our original retraction, rewrite and recompense request as well as the subsequent demand for evidence that followed. Aside from simple acknowledgements, we had yet to hear from the Daily Mail with the deadline for resolving this looming. If the Daily Mail is unable to offer a fair and just resolution after 28 days, then a complaint with the Independent Press Standards Organisation will be the next step. Upon reflection we have withdrawn our request for a rewrite of the original article because it’s so full of falsehoods! If anything, the real story here is more about the bias, prejudice and nepotism behind the original article and we’d be very encouraged to see the Daily Mail take responsibility for that.

Dear Ms Greene 

On 30th September 2022 we wrote to Ted Verity in order to request the retraction, rewrite and recompense of the Daily Mail articles about us at Lighthouse International Group. This was acknowledged on 4th October by yourself and we followed this up on 7th October (amended on 10th October) with a comprehensive list of 45 false statements found in your article. We know you cannot prove these statements because they are false, either partially or as a whole, which we are proving through the 154 requests for evidence we’ve made. We have yet to receive any update on the progress with our statement of retraction and recompense. However, whilst your investigation takes place, the defaming articles about us continue to remain online. Your article and your lack of response increasingly damages the Daily Mail’s already fragile reputation. 

The Bullying Practices Of The Daily Mail

I am hastened to remind you that the Daily Mail has been extremely officious with us when it comes to deadlines. On at least one occasion we found Tom Kelly to be not only officious, but also condescending for not coming back to him within an extremely tight deadline because he said this story was of “very significant public interest”. At all times, however, we were responsive and communicated with you respectfully. Why do you not show us the same courtesy? 

The last few months have self-evidently shown us that this article was neither in the public interest nor has it shown itself to be of much interest to the public either. However, the fact you have written a piece that is maliciously false and cannot be substantiated with evidence is very much in the public interest. It is very much in the public interest to reveal that you have written this article on that basis because of biased and prejudicial reasons that Mr Kelly and Mr Luck have, including nepotism between them and their sources. It is very much in the public interest to reveal such unscrupulous and incredibly damaging practices by the Daily Mail and its journalists. Given the unsubstantiated nature of this piece at the very least it ought to have been taken down immediately until your review is completed. 

The damage that has been done to us in the last few weeks alone because of your article has been significant which the Daily Mail will now need to compensate for, in terms of the retraction, and required compensation.

I will remind you that it took an extensive period of time for the Daily Mail to publish their intended article. In response we have since published extensive rebuttals online proving the fact that this article is full of malicious falsehoods and unsubstantiated claims by its sources and the Daily Mail itself. Therefore the libellous nature of this article should not be news to you. This all means in reality that you have had a lot longer than three weeks to remove the offending article.  

The Damage Caused By The Daily Mail’s Lack Of Response

Quite simply, your libellous article about us is being continually used as a means to leveraging pseudo-legitimacy for an ongoing malicious smear campaign designed to defame, discredit and destroy us, our lives and our livelihoods. This malevolent campaign is being headed up by your named sources along with a pack of other malignantly toxic individuals. 

These hateful people continue to relentlessly attack us through ridiculous Reddit forums, abusive tweets, slanderous radio shows, ill-informed podcasts, amateur YouTube videos, established media institutions and also through more covert means. 

The time you are now taking without any form of communication is unconscionable. Notice the massive difference, Ms Greene, when you highlighted to Mr Waugh about the content we had on YouTube in relation to one of your sources. He immediately removed it even before contacting his legal counsel as a measure of respect both to the individual concerned and yourselves. Why do you not show us the same courtesy?

The Daily Mail Has Also Been Abused

What is becoming clearer by the day is that the Daily Mail’s status as a national newspaper is clearly being abused by a small number of malevolent constructive saboteurs both inside and outside of your organisation. People like Tom Kelly and Adam Luck have been trusted to make good decisions, but they have, along with others, made some terrible decisions that are costing the Daily Mail significantly in terms of its time, energy, finances and, more importantly, its reputation. 

This article likely cost tens of thousands of pounds to produce and publish, yet it has made so little impact on the Daily Mail’s readership, along with the public as a whole. It is nonsense that will now cost the Daily Mail far more than Mr Kelly could ever have imagined because, as you are no doubt learning quickly, there is nothing valid or real in any way to back up what has been written. We at Lighthouse are nothing like the evil people portrayed in your published work of fiction, nor are we the easy target we may have been perceived as by Mr Kelly. No doubt it’s incredibly embarrassing that an article about such a small and, to date, relatively obscure company could represent such a large mistake and exponentially increasing cost to the paper!     

The Real Story Is Now Coming Out

The real story behind this article is now emerging. Although we didn’t share the full details, we clearly stated this to Mr Kelly from the outset and he chose to ignore this because it didn’t suit his biased and prejudiced agenda. Out of care, consideration and sensitivity, we have not revealed the full extent of the real reasons for the attacks on Lighthouse International Group. The reality is we have been persecuted for 18 years and not 18 months because these attacks have been most viciously conducted at the hands of malignantly toxic family members of the people we’ve helped at Lighthouse International Group. They are the real coercive and controlling people in this and they fear exposure through their damaged offspring, siblings, partners or friends, now getting the care, nurture and support they never had growing up. This is because of how it reveals the abuse and the perpetrators of that abuse. Parents especially are now panicking because their extreme abuse and/or neglect is being revealed publicly by their offspring, like in the case of one of your sources, Rani Singh. These people continue to assault us and the Daily Mail has been wilfully complicit in facilitating their ongoing abuse. 

The Daily Mail Needs To Take Responsibility For Its Careless Actions

An article in the Daily Mail was our assailants’ big hope for what is a criminal and illegal smear campaign against us. Sadly for them though (and by extension the Daily Mail) it’s now backfiring completely! Through all this we’re discrediting the Daily Mail’s reporting, not through making up stories, but rather because the Daily Mail is un-credible in how it goes about its business and treats people. 

In closing, I reiterate our requests of the Daily Mail:

1. Gain permission for all relevant evidence to be publicly disclosed by Lighthouse International Group in fair defence of these claims by their sources so that we may provide them for publication.

2. Fully and properly investigate the motivations and circumstances behind each source’s accusations, in line with their provable involvement in what Lighthouse’s solicitors identified as a deliberate smear campaign of character and wellbeing assassination attempts.

3. Retract the following articles and video immediately from the Daily Mail Online website:

4. Publish a public apology from Mr Tom Kelly, Mr Adam Luck, Mr Ted Verity and Mr Paul Dacre for publishing fabricated and unsubstantiated claims and the unprofessionally biased, prejudiced and false reporting they are responsible for, especially in view of the counter-arguments and evidence Lighthouse delivered to Mr Kelly in the preparation of this article.

5. We had previously requested you to re-write the article, but given the extensive amount of bias, prejudice and false reporting there is nothing left to write about once this is removed. Therefore if you are to write anything further, the only thing you can legitimately do is to publish the entire truth of this situation, which will include: 

  • Taking full responsibility for the damage and harm caused by your sources and the mistake the Daily Mail made in believing and publishing such nonsense and false claims.
  • Explaining the responsibility the Daily Mail is taking and measures being brought into place to protect the public from this ever happening again to other people in the future.
  • Writing the real story about how this article came to be through your fallacious sources from malignantly toxic families and their misleading and maliciously false statements, taking full responsibility, with the same intensity as was taken to ‘expose’ us falsely.

6. Provide financial compensation to Lighthouse International Group and its partners for the significant damage caused to our personal reputation, our business, our families and our children which we are receiving ongoing legal advice for. 

Our Final Request

As a bare minimum, we request the immediate removal of the three offending posts as listed above. In line with IPSO’s standards you are required to give us a full response in order that we find a fair resolution before Friday 28th October 2022. 

We encourage the Daily Mail to stop bullying and attempting to profit from those that they believe cannot defend themselves. Whilst you may have gotten away with this in many other cases, in this case you absolutely will not. We will not stop until justice is served. We will also actively seek out and bring together the innocent people that the Daily Mail insists on picking on and help such people to stand up to you and your bullying and life-destroying behaviour.  

We look forward to hearing from you very shortly. 


Chris Nash

We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.
We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.