Summary: This is an email sent to Lizzie Greene at the Daily Mail after her acknowledgement of the extensive retraction documents sent to her by Lighthouse International. We are sharing this in an open and transparent way to show that the burden of proof is on the Daily Mail to back up their false and misleading accusations against Paul Waugh and Lighthouse International Group.

Dear Lizzie,

Thank you for your acknowledgement of receipt. In the next few days you will be receiving a crucial addendum to what we have shared with you thus far which hits right at the core of this case of flagrant abuse of power by the Daily Mail by being a platform for disseminating the malicious falsehoods of its sources, our assailants.

In brief, you have provided a whole list of allegations, accusations and aspersions and we want proof of your fact checking and proof from your sources. You have written this article as if every statement made is true and yet you provide no evidence. In my next communication to you we will detail every single point where you have failed to provide evidence and where you will be held accountable to do so.

These maliciously false statements are causing us massive damage while you hide behind the misleading guise that it’s in the public interest. If it’s genuinely in the public interest there has to be evidence to support it. Writing aspersions that aren’t being fact checked and misleading statements that ruin people’s livelihoods and the safety of their children is desperately irresponsible.

We know that if you provided evidence in your article it would have given you a well investigated and compelling piece of journalism and yet you haven’t. Instead you ended up with some hyped up ‘he said she said’ sensationalised tabloid piece without anything substantial apart from hearsay. We know why you chose the low road here, because you and your sources had no other option because you cannot provide evidence for what is false.

We will not rest in relation to our situation until this has been rectified. The press needs to stop the way they abuse their power by how you go about writing these deliberately misleading and fallacious articles. This is a flagrant abuse of your responsibilities as news providers. We cannot afford to rest! We will fight this until we have put this to bed. This is not going away. If we have to picket outside your offices we will do so!

We would prefer to avoid the expensive process of court for all involved, but will take whatever action is necessary. We need to come to a point where this matter is treated with the responsibility it deserves.

I will update you within the next couple of days with a full list of all your allegations, accusations and aspersions that require evidence from you and your sources.


Chris Nash

We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.
We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.