“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; Light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; Love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

CONTENT WARNING: This post contains explicit language.

Of the thousands of malicious posts written about Lighthouse International Group over the last 18 months, few have been as vicious, abusive and pernicious as the ones posted by the Reddit User u/ImpossibleChange488. Not only have they been very vocal anonymously online, but they’ve also publicly stated they’ve been influencing Daily Mail journalist Tom Kelly behind the scenes.

It’s no coincidence that this Reddit username was created on the very same day as the Daily Mail was published, which means this person saw the article as an excuse and reason to unleash a tirade of insults and profanities towards us at Lighthouse.


We have had one of our assailants (wishing to be unnamed) informing us that they know this user’s real identity. Something u/ImpossibleChange488 has boasted about on Reddit was that her group are “not anonymous to each other” but, in line with their kind of toxic pathology, we have witnessed increasing cases of them publicly turning on and fighting amongst each other in the forum. We have further evidence that incriminates Miss Ingram that we cannot share at this time because of ongoing criminal and civil investigations. 

The person behind username u/ImpossibleChange488 we can reveal is Miss Dawn Ingram, Director of Fundraising at the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity. Miss Ingram is also a Clore Social Fellow and holds a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

It is because of her career in the charity sector, her publicly declared care for children, education and social services, as well as her interest in leadership development, that on paper Miss Ingram ought to be one of our biggest supporters. However, in reality she’s been one of our most vicious assailants.

Holding Dawn Ingram Accountable To Her Destructive Behaviour

The purpose of this post is to hold Dawn Ingram accountable to the malicious nature of her statements online in relation to Lighthouse. It is also a warning to the sort of people who can appear benevolent on the surface but have a malignant, hateful and vindictive side to their character when they feel aggrieved and want to deal with a problem. 

We genuinely hope that, with this now being publicly exposed, she finally sees the destructive and hateful nature of her online activity so that she snaps out of this criminal behaviour, takes responsibility and actively seeks to make things right. We wish it didn’t have to come to this, but there are inevitable consequences to every course of action any of us choose.  

There’s no need for us to make up stories about Dawn Ingram’s character, she reveals this both through what she writes and how she writes. Some examples of her most vicious comments on Reddit are: 

“I don’t give a flying monkey’s fuck about anything Paul Stephen Waugh says. Literally everything out of his mouth is complete bullshit. He’s so full of it if you gave him an enema you could bury him in a matchbox.”

“It’s all just bollocks LIG. Go fuck yourselves. We are Legion”

“Don’t get me started on the crocodile tears come-to-jesus, I’m a victim, meltdown bullshit that Paul Stephen Waugh has been vomiting on Twitter”

“They also need to familiarise them with the law around what actually constitutes defamation. Insults aren’t defamation, so calling Paulie “a fat donut-loving cunt” is perfectly fine.” 

It’s self-evident that these are not the written comments of someone who’s loving, caring and peaceful.

We’ve Not Had Direct Contact With Dawn Ingram

In a similar case to a fellow assailant of Lighthouse, Jon Breen, we have never had any dealings with Miss Ingram directly. She only became known to us through her partner, Jeffrey Leigh-Jones, who was a former business associate of ours. Although she has never met anyone from Lighthouse, she has been relentless and pernicious with her attacks on us. She has based all of her opinions on the biased stories of others with a grudge against us, revelling in their shared hate and resentment.

“We’re laughing at you. And when we’re not doing that we’re talking to journalists, and (actual) lawyers, and the police, various other organisations. We’re not going away. We’ve only just started.

This is the end of the beginning of our work. And the beginning of the end for the nasty, vicious, fraudulent cult that is Lighthouse International Group. We are Legion.” 

Assuming what she has written about her efforts is true, Dawn Ingram is extending herself significantly in her attempts to destroy us, our families and our work at Lighthouse. She is making wild accusations and labelling us as some form of ‘evil cult’ yet provides absolutely no evidence for this! 

Unfortunately for Miss Ingram, she has decided to collaborate with the malignantly toxic family members of other people currently still at Lighthouse. These malignant people have their own destructive agenda, namely to cover over incidents of child abuse by them, as highlighted by Paul S. Waugh and based on the evidence we have at Lighthouse International Group.  


Hatred Fuelled By Jealousy & More

From recording and studying Miss Ingram’s posts over the last 6 months it’s fair to say she is vengeful and persistent. 

This begs the question… why would someone following an honourable career path in the charity sector feel the need to invest so many hours of her time writing obscenities about people she’s never met? 

Miss Ingram was against Mr Leigh-Jones’s involvement with us from the start and was jealous of the amount of time he was spending with us and the things he was learning that were inevitably calling her attitude and behaviour towards him into question. 

There are, however, other aspects of our work that she has attacked with a vengeance and which shows her hatred to be something much more deeply rooted than simply being a jealous partner.

Viciously Attacking Our Work To Help People Address Their Limited & Incomplete Upbringing

The majority of our work at Lighthouse is about filling the gaps in the upbringings we ought to have had as children, but did not receive because of neglect and/or abuse. As a result much of our work focuses on supporting parents and families to give young people today the best possible upbringing for the future. Miss Ingram has viciously attacked this part of our work.  

“What is the obsession with children? It’s so weird.” 

Our obsession, which Miss Ingram is referring to, is something we would call the Child Standard. What this standard means is that we want to be in a position as benefactors where we can always say yes to a child in need where we ought to be able to say yes. We would actually see it as being more weird, as well as inhumane, for someone not to want to live to that standard!


“The recent LIG videos on “child protection”, the weird over descriptions of fathering, “family” and relationships, including the bizarre section on toilet training adults they consider vulnerable, left me wondering.” 

Over the last 18 years we have overwhelmingly found that it’s incredibly rare for anyone to have received a complete upbringing; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In some cases where childhood neglect has been present, we’ve actually had to teach people how to properly ‘care for themselves’ after using the lavatory, including university graduates in respectable professions. For obvious reasons it’s not the sort of thing that people feel comfortable talking about, but it does happen, as this Metro article shows (ironically with reference to Reddit).   

“He’s literally infantilising people and creating absolute dependency, consistently reinforcing the message that only he cares about you, and everyone else in your life doesn’t, or wants to control you, or doesn’t trust you, or wants to hurt you, or even has hurt you. All of which is the necessary lie to make the fraud of Lighthouse International Group work. This is all demonstrated by the members. They write and behave like children.” 

Miss Ingram is stating that Lighthouse Partners and clients write and behave like children and yet, ironically, has used some of the most foul-mouthed and immature language in her insults written anonymously online. As is evident on our Lighthouse Community site, when we write online we do so with clean language that can be firm and candid, but is always respectful. Sadly Dawn Ingram has shown that when growing up she did not learn to do this, especially when angry towards someone, which shows she’s not in control of her negative emotions in just the same way that a screaming toddler isn’t. This is very common, many grown-ups are emotional toddlers in adult bodies, which is what psychologists like Jordan Peterson refer to as being an ‘old infant. It’s exactly the state that Lighthouse is working to change in people by helping them mature.

Racist Hate Speech & Anti-Christian

Not only has Miss Ingram stated she’s an atheist, but on a number of occasions she has deliberately used the phrase “We are Legion” which in the Bible is a reference to a group of demons that possessed a man Jesus met on his travels. 

“Maybe if you pray hard enough Jesus will file an injunction for you”

“Absolutely. It’s all just bollocks. And do they really think this is a good look to their victims? Sorry, “clients”. LIG. Go fuck yourselves. We are Legion.” 

“Oh. For Olivia… We are Legion 🤣 Oh Liv, you fucking tool.” 

Now Desperately Trying To Cover Her Tracks 

Following our investigations, Paul S. Waugh has called Dawn Ingram out publicly on Twitter and ever since then we’ve seen her Reddit activity significantly quieten for the first time in 6 months. It can be said that this alone is as good as an admission of recognising her guilt. There’s been a lack of denial from the Reddit user u/ImpossibleChange488, who we know watches our Twitter feeds intensely and a marked change in tone also since this. 

Since then Lighthouse CEO Chris Nash decided to follow Dawn Ingram on Twitter which led to her taking her account offline and subsequently protecting her tweets. They are not the actions of an impartial and/or innocent party. We pray that she wakes up and takes responsibilty for her vengeful actions.

Interestingly it’s been Paul S. Waugh, Chris Nash and Jai Singh who have borne the brunt of most of her attacks… the people who helped her partner Jeffrey the most in his time at Lighthouse International Group.

She’s also made references to relationship breakdowns and revealed personal information about someone like Chris Nash that only Jeffrey Leigh-Jones would know. In the last year she’s also verbally-abused Jai Singh with a voice note saying, “Ooops, you’re a cunt!”, one of her favourite insults and which only reinforces her fondness for such foul language. At the same time she has presented well-researched posts that included data about the charity sector as well as legal and financial knowledge that she has acquired from her senior role and professional qualifications. 

She may be trying to cover her tracks now, but her paw marks are all over what she’s written and the way she’s gone about it. Her hatred has consumed her so much, to the point where she’s acted both stupidly and foolishly whilst presenting herself in an intelligent and articulate way.

Dawn Ingram’s Hateful Intentions To Destroy Us At Lighthouse International Group

Dawn Ingram has made it clear she wants to see us destroyed! She has spoken boldly (hiding behind a pseudonym) about taking us to court and holding us accountable. In May 2022 she very clearly revealed her destructive intentions:

“The ultimate endgame is the courts. Criminal and civil. We are working hard, and making excellent progress, towards that.

In the meantime the media and social media onslaught will continue. We are going to utterly destroy any shred of credibility or reputation they have remaining. And that won’t last long.”

We would absolutely love to debate her and her co-conspirators in person and/or in court. All her fictional stories will then have to be exposed by the truth of the evidence we’ve held back for legal reasons. In court, that will all be coming out! 

Our Ideal Outcome Is To See Dawn Ingram Take Responsibility For Her Destructive Actions

For the sake of Miss Ingram’s health and wellbeing (as well as ours) we want to draw this ugly and loathsome experience with her to a close. It’s one thing to have extreme grievances against a group of people you’ve never met because of jealousy or whatever reason it might be, but it’s quite another to unleash extremely pernicious expressions of profanity and defamatory falsehoods fuelled with hatred for months on end under a pseudonym. Dawn, we pray for your repentance and for you to come to your senses before you incriminate yourself any further. There are hundreds of offensive things you’ve written and said about us that go far beyond the volume of examples we’ve used here… this is not healthy behaviour! 

As with anyone else attacking us, we hope that you can get the help you need to turn your attitude and behaviour around. We would wish nothing less for you than to become an inspiring role model for others who have struggled with their anger issues and want to resolve those in order to be more loving, more caring and more able to work through challenges with others.


We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.
We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.