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The purpose of sharing the facts below and holding Richard Thomas accountable is in the sincere hope that he stops his campaign of persecution towards Lighthouse and reconciles. It is our greatest wish this would happen, but after 18 months we have taken the difficult decision to share this information. 

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The Case of Richard Thomas: Overview

This page is based on the contents of the Daily Mail article about Lighthouse International Group published on 19th April 2022. With and through this article, one of the named article sources; Richard Thomas, made 7 serious accusations and defamatory statements against Lighthouse International Group, its Head Mentor Paul S. Waugh as well as his former mentor, Shaun Cooper.

The purpose here is to present and understand the truth behind these false accusations. It is our high-level response to each of the key false accusations and defamatory statements that Richard Thomas has made as a source for the Daily Mail article. Each part of our response can be backed up with specific facts, dates and crucial background information for context which can all be presented in court. 

If Richard Thomas truly believes and stands by his claims, then we invite him to provide consent for us to publish the relevant evidence openly before the need to go to court.  

Our motivation is to stop Richard Thomas causing more damage to himself and others. Richard Thomas is a family man and our hope is that through being held firmly accountable, he will stop his self-destructive behaviour for his sake and for his children’s sake. He continues to write disparaging comments on Reddit rather than to have the honour to speak with us and work through the issues he has; whether in a court of law or otherwise. 

Through Richard Thomas’s role as a moderator on an anti-Lighthouse subreddit, there have been hundreds of hate crime comments online (including racial and religious slurs) that he is endorsing and supporting. We hope he is able to let go of the hatred and resentment directed our way to the point he can have a mature, adult conversation with us to resolve this situation. In doing so, we see the potential for Richard Thomas to help others to handle disagreements with dignity and respect.    

Tweets From Paul S. Waugh

The Facts Behind Richard Thomas’s False Accusations Against Lighthouse International Group

All of these facts can be backed up and proven with tangible evidence held in private communications and recordings (made with mutual consent) that will be released with Mr Thomas’s permission, or will be presented in court. 

Accusation 1:

“Lighthouse leaders branded an e-commerce accounts manager’s wife ‘destructive’ and wanted to sue her after she supported her husband’s decision to quit the group.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Richard Thomas’s wife, by his own admission, was instrumental in harassing him to leave Lighthouse International Group, which he eventually did.
  • In 2021, Richard Thomas was proactively offered an opportunity to receive a full refund of the £25,000 he had paid in November 2019. This was offered on compassionate grounds.
  • Richard Thomas ignored 9 text messages from Paul S. Waugh trying to establish communication with him and arrange for his compassionate exit from Lighthouse International Group.
  • Shaun Cooper asked Richard Thomas on LinkedIn, in response to being publicly accused by Mr Thomas of stealing his money, if he could publish the text messages between him and Mr Thomas to categorically show he has not stolen any of Mr Thomas’s money. Mr Thomas did not reply.

Text Message Evidence of Compassionate Refund Offer To Mr Thomas

This was sent from Mr Cooper on 15th May 2021 and remained unresponded to for 5 months, until 16th October 2021

Accusation 2:

‘It took me months and months to actually do this because there was no actual financial agreement,’ he said.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Mr Thomas was offered a Win-Win Partnership & Performance Agreement.
  • Mr Thomas resisted this greatly, mentioning so on two separate occasions to Mr Cooper.
  • Mr Thomas had ample time (18 months) to gain a written agreement but neglected to do so and his verbal agreement is legally binding.

Accusation 3:

“Mr Thomas says after investing he was expected to attend group calls lasting up to six hours with Lighthouse leader Paul Waugh.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • There was no obligation to be present on any of these calls in much the same way as there is no obligation to attend many lectures at universities.
  • All Associate Partner Elects were given the choice to select their levels of involvement.
  • Mr Thomas was excused from meetings and calls on numerous occasions. We have text messages as evidence for a court of law.

Accusation 4:

“Paul classifies people individually in terms of levels. If you are evolved, you move from level 1 to 4. ‘Only Paul is ever at level 4. Everyone else is broken, you’re wrong, and it became very, very transparent.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • These ‘levels’ are taken from the work of renowned psychiatrist Dr. M. Scott Peck (Author of The Road Less Travelled).
  • They are not unique to Dr. Peck either, who drew upon the work of other leading academics like James W. Fowler, Jean Piaget and Erik Erikson.
  • Once understood it is something that is very self-evident and easy to understand and provides a good structure and objective reference for people to assess their own progress.
  • No one need agree with this method of assessment, but to deny what is objectively evident isn’t conducive to effective growth and development. 

More can be understood about these levels by reading this article here.

Accusation 5:

“The request prompted a message on November 11 last year, in which Mr Cooper blamed the decision on the ‘animosity and destructiveness’ of his wife towards the group. He added, if Lighthouse had to refund the cash ‘we would have to make a legal compensatory claim for that money’ from his wife ‘plus legal costs’. ‘Do we hold [your wife] accountable for that or you? Let us know because with your permission (in writing to our solicitors) we will hold her accountable by law.’ On November 24, Mr Cooper messaged to say no refund was possible and Lighthouse would be passing the content of Mr Thomas’s texts to their solicitor, whom he said would ‘act accordingly in connection with yourself as they have with others who have behaved unlawfully as you are behaving’.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Mr Thomas’s spouse was instrumental in his decision to walk away from the Programme he had paid to take part in, so it would be fair to hold her accountable for that and any damages or costs Lighthouse International Group might incur as a result.
  • The offer of a compassionate refund was retracted when Mr Thomas gave Mr Cooper a yes/no ultimatum in November 2021.
  • Mr Thomas was invited to meet with Mr Waugh to discuss this, but he ‘respectfully’ declined.
  • Mr Thomas is to all intents and purposes trying to sully the reputation of Mr Waugh and Lighthouse in a bid to gain grounds for undue recompense.

Statement 1:

“One of his colleagues was already being mentored by one of Lighthouse’s leaders, Shaun Cooper, and so he did the same.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • This ex-colleague is in fact still being mentored by Shaun Cooper and does not agree with the stance Richard Thomas has since taken against Lighthouse International Group. 
  • This ex-colleague has doubled their salary under Shaun Cooper’s mentorship, among various other benefits.
  • Mr Thomas was Shaun Cooper’s mentoree for over 5 years without complaint.

Statement 2:

“It was only after Mr Thomas became ill last year that he reflected on his involvement and with the encouragement of his wife decided to quit.”..“He says: ‘I went back to Lighthouse respectfully and said: ‘I would like to ask for my investment back.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Mr Thomas’s decision to leave Lighthouse was reluctant and caused mostly by rifts within his own home.
  • Mr Thomas does not and could not own any shares or equity in Lighthouse International Group so has no investment to give back to him.
  • Mr Thomas is not entitled to a refund however he was still offered an opportunity for a refund he was not entitled to on compassionate grounds but squandered that opportunity.

Constructive Sabotage & Trolling Facilitated By Richard Thomas

In December 2021, Mr Thomas set up (as the user u/Fagins_nemesis) and moderated a forum on Reddit designed to attack Lighthouse International Group. The people at Lighthouse have been targeted by racist attacks, religious hate and vile criminal insults from this very forum. There have been more than 2,900 harmful posts since February 2021 on Reddit Forums and other social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora. Below are just some examples, one where Mr Thomas even inadvertently admits he’s lying. More can be found here…

Conclusion: Our Ideal Outcome For Richard Thomas & Lighthouse International Group

What we have aimed to do with this page is to show the reality and truth behind Richard Thomas’s involvement with Lighthouse International Group. Richard Thomas joined Lighthouse based on the premise of his growth in line with realising benevolent intentions which we wanted to support. We still want him to realise these! However, he was not willing or able to commit to his growth and development at the level required to fulfil these aspirations, so he looked for a way out that would absolve him of his responsibility. He later turned nasty when he didn’t get what he wanted. These were wants based on his terms rather than working with us to find win-win solutions.

He has since attacked us viciously online via Reddit and LinkedIn as well as through his instrumental role in the Daily Mail printing falsehoods about Lighthouse International Group and its partners. The intention is to destroy us and our reputation. The burden of proof lies with Richard Thomas to back up his accusations and we encourage him to take us to court if he truly believes he is right in his assertions. We will then be free to release the information that we hold to ensure that the truth is revealed and a fair conclusion is reached, unless he will grant us permission to do so beforehand. 

Our ideal outcome, however, is for Richard Thomas to take responsibility for his actions; to apologise, make things right and in time to potentially help others to deal with their anger in relation to financial disputes like this one. We need more healthy growing adults capable of resolving disagreements rather than going online, anonymously or not, seeking to harm and destroy others for not acquiescing to unreasonable demands.  The choices we make as adults directly affect the safety, wellbeing and futures of our children. Mr Thomas has children of his own and we hope he makes wiser choices for his family’s sake, and for the sake of other children at the mercy of online abuse.

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We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.
We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.