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The purpose of sharing the facts below and holding Richard Thomas accountable is in the sincere hope that he stops his campaign of persecution towards Lighthouse and reconciles. It is our greatest wish this would happen, but after 18 months we have taken the difficult decision to share this information. 

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Introducing Mrs X: A ‘Sad And Tragic Situation’

‘Mrs X’ is how we have chosen to refer to the person the Daily Mail refers to at various points in their article as either, “an environmental consultant”, a “48-year-old consultant”, a “member of Lighthouse International” or simply “the woman”. 

It’s a sad and tragic situation for us that we are even here having to write about this person and her involvement in Lighthouse. That’s because this is the last thing any of us here ever wanted for them; with the details of her life and this story now being dragged through the public domain. 

If she and the Daily Mail hadn’t brought this to be what it is, we wouldn’t even be here and having to go through this process brings us nothing but a heavy heart. We have never wanted anything more than for this person to live a life of joy, love, peace and fulfilment that she came to us desiring to build, however, we must above all things stand for truth and reality, especially where that is being broken against in order to defame and vilify us.

About ‘THAT’ Recording

We cannot mention Mrs X without also addressing the 3.5 minute video that was published by the Daily Mail Online’s copy of the article. This video included around two minutes of audio, as its captions acknowledge, from a private 2-hour recorded conversation between Mrs X, Paul Waugh, Chris Nash and her mentor at the time, Jai Singh. The audio section itself is two minutes in length because it has been deliberately and blatantly edited down to include only a few specifically chosen parts where Mr Waugh lost his temper, splicing them together to sensationalise the story and make it seem that the whole conversation was like this and that this is who Mr Waugh is. 

However, not only is the very little amount of context given about this by the Daily Mail incredibly misleading, but it is also extremely and deliberately manipulative because the whole 2-hour conversation is very different to what is claimed. If people understood the full backstory behind it, they might understand why Paul Waugh lost his temper that time. This is not to excuse that he did lose his temper, we are making no justifications here. In fact, Mr Waugh has himself made no bones about taking responsibility for that incident publicly and has not tried to excuse himself at all from that. 

However, one incident in a person’s life does not and cannot define them. If it did, which damning incident could be chosen of you in your life to define you? And what would that say of you if it was used to define you? No. There is much more to this.



Dishonourable & Malicious Intentions

To an objective ear the editing of ‘that’ recording was clearly designed to paint the worst possible picture of Mr Waugh, the sole subject of the Daily Mail’s ‘version’. It was made this way by the Daily Mail, or Mrs X, or both, to add to the drama and controversy of their article. If the accusations they were writing about were true, the recording wasn’t tampered with and if Mr Waugh was such a person, then it would be hard to argue with the Daily Mail. Unfortunately for the Mail though, it was wrong on all those fronts as this website and its material shows. 

Not only was Mr Waugh given no warning about the Mail planning to use this edited recording or opportunity to comment on the fact a portion of his private conversation was going to be published by the Mail, but the Mail has misled the public by inaccurately describing the context and background to what can be heard. They failed to mention this is something that is only a tiny insight into a far bigger, more complex situation. 

This was a private recording only Mrs X had access to. As with all important conversations in Lighthouse, Mr Waugh made sure Mrs X had a copy of their conversation as did he, the purpose being to ensure fair and mutual accountability for each other. But this does not mean manipulating information while withholding and distorting the facts with an intention to defame and destroy someone’s reputation. 

Mrs X wouldn’t have even had a copy of the recording if Mr Waugh hadn’t made sure she had it, so this was a gross violation of trust and privacy. There was always the opportunity to speak with Mr Waugh privately and settle things honourably, but instead she has chosen to go to the press and put this on a high profile stage. Sadly this will now only drag details of her life and history into the public domain that Mr Waugh and Lighthouse never would have wanted to happen to her. We ask for Mrs X to save her dishonour and allow us to release the full recording and other evidence of her communications we have in relation to her claims, to avoid this having to be dragged through and settled in court.


Background To Mrs X

To start to give an accurate context to this, Mrs X was involved with Lighthouse International Group since 2018, over two years prior to ‘that’ recording. As the Daily Mail itself publlicly revealed, she had been a victim of childhood sexual abuse and so it must be no surprise that she’d experienced a very troubling upbringing and carried many ghosts and issues from her past. 

She came to Lighthouse because she’d not experienced the same degree of care, attention and support anywhere elsewhere, as well as the willingness to challenge her to face and overcome the demons of her past. While she praised much of the support she gained at Lighthouse though, she would also be the source of toxic rumour-mongering amongst Associate Partners, psychological manipulation and bullying. This was even the case with her mentor who had himself suffered a lot of past and childhood abuse in his own family.

And so it was that Mrs X’s unceasingly negative and toxic behaviour which had reached a pinnacle in February 2021 after it was found she had been trying to turn other Associates against Lighthouse International Group and Paul Waugh. In the private 2-hour recorded phone call with Mr Waugh and Mr Singh she was confronted and also reprimanded for this and her ongoing berating of Mr Singh that, by this point, had continued far too long. 

This was a disciplinary and solution-finding conversation. It was her unrepentant and haughty attitude and the ingratitude for the efforts to genuinely help her that drove Mr Waugh beyond frustration. What the Daily Mail does not say is that, while she was in tears from this, they came from self-pity and the painful acceptance of her responsibility as she was confronted with the reality of her behaviour. 

Because of this she later apologised to Mr Waugh, Mr Singh and all Lighthouse Partners for her actions and gave permission for the partners to all listen to the same 2-hour recording. 


CSA is Not Carte Blanche

Let’s be clear that a history of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is a tragedy we wish didn’t happen to anyone in this world, but it does not give anyone immunity from responsibility for their behaviour as a legal adult. We also make this statement with deep compassion and sensitivity we feel for those who have suffered this, which is based on very personal experiences amongst our own partners. There are a number of current Lighthouse Associate Partners who have also come from such abuse, and who are healing through their involvement at Lighthouse, even writing publicly about their traumatic experiences. For example, both Paul Waugh and Diane Cubitt have done this through blogs and tweets. While going through sexual abuse as a child can make someone’s troubles and challenges as a grown-up understandable and explainable it cannot be used to condone what they do and give them carte blanche in their behaviour, especially from abusing others. Having been a victim doesn’t give anyone a right to make create victims of others through their actions rooted in unresolved personal challenges.

Mail Online Edited Recording: The Facts!

FACT 1: The Daily Mail says the call came about because the woman “questioned the group’s methods and politely requested a refund.” This is categorically untrue. This call came about because Mrs X was being toxic towards her mentor.

FACT 2: The Daily Mail says this call happened after one seemingly innocent incident when in fact it was the culmination of 12 months of negativity from Mrs X. 

FACT 3: After this call, Mrs X apologised to her mentor, Jai Singh and to Paul Waugh for her behaviour. Paul Waugh spoke with Mrs X a number of times and had gentle and compassionately empathic calls with her. He apologised for his language and sent flowers.

FACT 4: This call was not about Mrs X requesting to leave and us stopping her. It was in fact the opposite! Paul Waugh offered Mrs X a win-win opportunity where she could find the best and most manageable level for her involvement.

FACT 5: Mrs X was someone who required the most amount of time and resources to support her, compared to anyone else to train her as a mentor and it was not in our business interests to keep her going, but we were committed to her success! 

FACT 6: If you go into any senior environment, whether it’s the military or a corporate boardroom, the kinds of discussions that happen will be extremely firm and direct and they too could be twisted out of context to make it seem abusive to outsiders.

FACT 7: The 2-hour call was recorded and transcribed with FULL knowledge and consent of all four people involved. It was Mr Waugh who insisted on it being transcribed and shared with Mrs X because he wanted her to learn from it.

FACT 8: The recording, which was a private conversation, was manipulatively doctored and edited for the Daily Mail article WITHOUT permission of the 3 other people who were on the call; Jai Singh, Chris Nash and Paul Waugh.

FACT 9: This is ONE phone call out of THOUSANDS of recordings of Mr Waugh, where many show him to be gentle, empathic, compassionate and caring. Everyone can get angry and in the right circumstances show the very worst of themselves. Is it fair to define someone’s character from ONE example, especially one that is not even accurate and fair? 

​​FACT 10: Paul Waugh has offered every single person mentioned in the Daily Mail article the opportunity to sit down at a neutral venue and resolve any differences, including Mrs X, but to date NOT ONE has taken up his offer. This begs the question, if they aren’t interested in resolution, what are their true motives?

Mrs X, The Consultant In The Daily Mail 

Accusation 1:

“An environmental consultant who questioned the value of the mentoring with other members said she was left ‘terrified’ and in tears after Mr Waugh bombarded her with abuse during a two-hour phone call.”

  • Mrs X must give Lighthouse permission to release more or all of the full recording and transcript of this conversation to put the record straight. 
  • Mr Singh, Mrs X’s mentor, has written about the crucial context behind this conversation in this article here
  • Mrs X’s ‘questioning’ of her mentoring was far from innocent or progressive. It was cynical, destructive, toxic to other partners and breaking Mr Singh down. 
  • Her mentor, Mr Singh was becoming increasingly drained after daily 2-hour long sessions with Mrs X where she poured her negativity and fears into him. 
  • Mr Singh was not aware enough to recognise her toxicity and put a stop to it. Mr Waugh stepped in because he could see her effects on those around her. 
  • The phone call actually ended progressively. Mrs X later apologised for her behaviour and Mr Waugh apologised for his language.
  • A deliberately clipped, edited and spliced together 2-minute audio cannot be relied upon to give an accurate depiction of the full two hour conversation 


Accusation 2:

“When she later politely emailed requesting a refund on her £25,000 investment, Mr Waugh refused and reminded her that the group had recordings of her describing the ‘long-term sexual abuse’ she suffered as a child — which she felt was a threat.”

  • Written politely or not, Mrs X has no legal case for a refund. Mrs X left Lighthouse International Group in March 2021 and we have not received a single legal letter or indication of legal action from her, showing as much. 
  • The reason Mrs X was reminded of the recordings because of her proven propensity to lie and/or twist the truth to suit her false or destructive narrative.
  • The reasons for such recordings is to ensure a commitment to truth and reality that all parties are accountable to, including Mr Waugh, Mr Singh and Lighthouse International Group. 
    • N.B. This doesn’t include edited and manipulated recordings presented with a false or misleading context.


Accusation 3:

“But a 48-year-old consultant who borrowed £10,000 to invest in the group after joining in 2019 said she eventually felt she had to move abroad to escape them”.

  • Mrs X had been speaking about leaving the UK to go overseas for many years which is all on record. It was one of her goals Lighthouse was committed to helping her achieve. 
  • Mrs X left Lighthouse International Group because of the pressure from her family fearing the potential details of her past abuse coming to light publicly and this can be proven. 
  • Mrs X left Lighthouse International Group, not in acrimony, but under compassionate and supportive circumstances, all of which can be proven in evidence of communications, not publicly presentable without permission or being in a court of law.


Accusation 4:

“The woman, who did not want to be named because her counselling involved discussing previous childhood sexual abuse, said: ‘I was going through a divorce at the time and it felt extremely positive to begin with. They encouraged us to use LinkedIn, for us to connect with people, so it is just like multi-level marketing.’”

  • It’s not disputed that Mrs X spoke confidentially with members of Lighthouse responsible for mentoring and supporting her about her past abuse. 
  • Mrs X was given a lot of care, mentoring support during her divorce which she has spoken and written highly of. 
  • It’s not unusual practice for any business or career professional to use business networking platforms like LinkedIn to expand their networks. 
  • Lighthouse is not a multi-level marketing company. To suggest so is naive conjecture trying to imply wrongful practices, of which there’s zero evidence.  
  • If Mrs X is suggesting there is anything unethical or even illegal about our practices she must prove it, which she has not.

Accusation 5:

“But when she raised concerns about the mentoring with other members, Mr Waugh turned on her and during a two-hour call branded her ‘nasty’, ‘pernicious’, ‘selfish’, ‘horrible’, ‘vindictive’, ‘broken’, ‘very damaged’, ‘stupid’, ‘dishonest’, ‘duplicitous’, ‘misleading’, ‘f*****g deluded’, ‘seriously f****d up’, ‘sinister’, a ‘cynical little old witch’, a ‘weasel’, a ‘negative, self-defeating, self-sabotaging automaton’, ‘the worst, weirdest, sickest f**k’, having ‘an ego like a feral dog’ and being an ’emotional, mental and spiritual toddler’.”

    • The Daily Mail has collated many bad words and collected them together to make a strong impact, which it does. However, it does not reflect reality. 
    • Mr Waugh has not ever tried to excuse or deny that his language to Mrs X on this occasion was out of line.
    • This was also out of character. Years’ worth of recordings can be produced of Mr Waugh showing him in totally the opposite kind of light. Over the last year in particular, through conscious endeavour, Mr Waugh has also pretty much fully eradicated any form of swearing from his vocabulary.  
    • Mr Waugh later apologised for his language, sent flowers and left things on good terms with Mrs X who took responsibility for their negative behaviour.
    • Mrs X messaged Mr Waugh afterwards (the below is paraphrased) saying:
      • “You are right Paulie when you pointed out I do many things I do not understand.” 
      • “What I am doing to me, to Jai and to you I’m seeing it now for the first time and am truly sorry for my selfishness.
  • If every bad word the average person said in a heated argument was written down and put together in one sentence it would surprise most people. 
  • With Mrs X’s and the Daily Mail’s permission we can publish all our communications evidence about this situation to clear the air.

Accusation 6:

“He also reminded the woman that every conversation she’d ever had at Lighthouse was taped and ‘every journal you’ve ever written is stored’.”

  • Recording conversations is standard practice at Lighthouse International Group as Mrs X was fully aware of, having been involved with the company for over 2 years and present on many recorded meetings and calls. 
  • As stated above; Mrs X was reminded of recordings because of her proven propensity to try and lie or twist the truth to suit her false and/or destructive narratives. It was a warning not to do so, but not one she heeded given her decision to share a manipulated recording with the national press.
  • All of the above facts can be proven and substantiated and verified, however, Lighthouse International Group and its partners on the call were not given notice of this recording being used and not given ANY opportunity to comment on it before it was published. The 10 crucial facts listed above and context from the full recording contained in messages could have been shared to present what this call was about, why it happened and what happened next.

Accusation 7:

“And he told her that if she had behaved with her children the way she had been behaving in the group he would immediately have reported her to social services — where he claims to have connections. When she broke down in tears, he berated her for ‘crying for herself’, saying: ‘It’s all about you.’”

  • Mr Waugh’s choice of language came as a last resort and after he lost composure on the back of many attempts within Lighthouse to reasonably try and help Mrs X reform her negative and destructive behaviour.  
  • Mr Waugh was angry at Mrs X because her toxicity was damaging other people, namely Mr Singh. The purpose of the call was primarily to protect Mr Singh, which he is willing to testify to in court. 
  • Lighthouse International Group has requested Mrs X’s permission to release our evidence for these claims, including the full recording which will make all matters clear. We are still waiting her response. 

Statement 1:

“The woman said: ‘It is terrifying. We need to stop them.’”

  • When our communications evidence with Mrs X is released, either in court or sooner with her permission, it will prove she showed no such sentiments as stated above. 
  • This is sensational hyperbole used to inflame an anti-Lighthouse narrative due to her having no legal claim to funds she has spent with the company. 
  • We sent the Daily Mail a 17,000-word document with 22 signed testimonies as evidence to the contrary of their claims, most of which they ignored. 
  • Recently one of the assailants of Lighthouse International Group, writing under a pseudonym (u/Impossible-Change488), wrote on Reddit implying that the Daily Mail had not taken our document seriously. The screenshots of this are below.


Conclusion: Our Ideal Outcome For Richard Thomas & Lighthouse International Group

As we said at the start of this page, it’s truly and deeply saddening that we are even here having to write about the actions of Mrs X like this in such a public place. If she had not significantly raised the profile of this situation rather than discuss and try to resolve the situation reasonably or, if that wasn’t possible, to deal with things fairly and honourably in court, this wouldn’t be where it is now. The real tragedy is that the details of her family’s abuse when she was a child will have to come out publicly because this is the true reason she left Lighthouse International Group. We will need to show the reality behind her decision in order to prove that we were not to blame, as it’s made out to be in the Daily Mail. As said previously, we have the evidence for this.

Mrs X was advised by Lighthouse that it was not the right time for her to confront her family when she decided to because we didn’t believe she was ready or strong enough for this and didn’t want their reaction to damage her progress of getting over what had happened to her. However, she was insistent and we had to respect her choices and be there to support her through that. In the end though it was too much for her and sadly, as she has done so much in the past, she turned her feelings about this onto others instead, namely Paul Waugh and Jai Singh. We did not want to have to bring this out this way, which is why she was told that there was plenty of evidence in recordings and writings that would show it was not Lighthouse who were to blame for her challenges and the pain she carries. The only time that would be used is if she wanted it to or if her family tried to attack and blame us, as we greatly suspect. Indeed we have strong reason to suspect they are the architects and instigators of this whole smear campaign and acts of constructive sabotage, working in the background.  

The reason Mrs X wanted to escape overseas was to get away from her family as well as to pursue some romantic connections. She had said as much on multiple occasions and on record within Lighthouse. That is the real reason she went abroad, not because of Mr Waugh and not because of Lighthouse. It was always this way but she (greatly pressured by her family, we suspect) is trying to now shift that blame onto the people who spent years trying to support her through some very difficult issues, begining with her divorce. 

We genuinely pray for Mrs X to see sense and put her faith in the truth in order to overcome her demons by finally facing the things she needs to, including putting the facts straight about her experiences at Lighthouse International Group. Our compassion and sympathy for her experiences as a young girl are greatly felt and we want nothing more than to see her finally heal and move on. Until such time however, we have to protect the people here and our interests. We need to make sure that wherever lies, deception and malevolence are used to try and destroy us, we will stand for the truth. We will use the evidence and facts that we have to defend ourselves and ensure justice is done. 

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We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.
We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.