The Real Story of Rani Singh, BBC Reporter –  Lighthouse Daily Mail Source


This page reveals the reality behind one of the unnamed sources for the Daily Mail article about Lighthouse International Group; Ms Rani Singh. I, Jai Singh and my brother Sukh Singh are writing a personal account of the truth here. The fact Rani Singh invested £200,000 in us has been twisted beyond all proportion to paint Lighthouse, Paul S. Waugh and us as manipulating people for money. Which is categorically false.

It’s been incredibly difficult and sad for myself and my brother to share this but we have had the support of our brothers and sisters in Christ to put this together. We share in the sincere hope and prayer this can lead to a process of genuine reconciliation between us after more than a decade. We have also included our videoed discussion with our mentors Chris Nash and Paul S. Waugh which we have given full permission for to share the truth and to help other survivors of toxic families.

Rani Singh


We are also greatly concerned for Rani’s wellbeing and her association with individuals such as Jon Breen (we were sent this website on him created by someone else he attacked…) He is someone who has attacked us relentlessly and as far as we can tell has a criminal record for harassment and other criminal acts. This is not good for her or for the BBC who she represents on her LinkedIn profile as this is a very unstable individual.

4 Reasons Behind The Daily Mail Article On Lighthouse International...

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

Matthew 5:10-12

1. Coming To Christ Brought Persecution 

- In the year preceding this article and attacks, a large group of us including Paul S. Waugh became Christian. We have learnt this is one of the biggest reasons for us being smeared in the press & online by malignantly toxic families and individuals.

We have served over 70,000 people in the past and had hardly any complaints whatsoever. Now we face baseless claims about all of us rooted in the hatred for our Christianity. 

2. Controlling Toxic Families & Individuals Attack Us Online 

- As we grew in ourselves and our Lord Jesus Christ, three groups of people came together to harass us. Controlling family members, ex-business partners & spurned mentees actively sought out each other and anyone with grievances against Lighthouse.
- These anti-Christian false accusations & racist attacks were made online on Reddit for 21 months.
They sought to use the Daily Mail as a platform to legitimise their malicious campaign of constructive sabotage. We pray for these people every day.

3. No Evidence For Their Claims

 - Despite numerous requests the Daily Mail have provided no evidence for their claims in this article beyond heresay and a manipulated recording. 

- We have thousands of hours of recordings, transcripts and emails which completely refute these claims and render them false but we cannot release our evidence due to data protection.

- There is a potential personal connection between a senior member of the Mail’s staff and a sibling of one of our Associate Partners. If confirmed, this is a potential conspiracy of corruption and malicious act of defamation by the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail did no serious investigation or fact-checking. They hung the responsibility for the 'accusations' in the article on the shoulders of their sources.

4. IPSO Are Now Actively Investigating The Daily Mail & Its Sources.

- The Independent Press Standards Organisation have now accepted our complaint and evidence which completely renders this article and it's sources claims false. We await the outcome of this investigation to clear our good name. 

- The article has been used as a weapon by convicted criminals we have never met to harass us as they have become obsessed with Paul S. Waugh & Lighthouse. 

- They hurt and nearly destroyed many sensitive and honest people here. This continues daily despite increasing police intervention.

- Despite being the most targeted by these assailants, Paul S. Waugh has stated on numerous occasions that he would be there to help any ex-partners and family members if their physical safety was at risk and offered to meet them numerous times to reconcile.

- We continue to pray for these people every day despite their hate towards us.

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven..

Matthew 5:43-45

Provable Facts About Rani Singh & Her Son’s Involvement In Lighthouse

Our Journey In Our Own Words, Jai & Sukh Singh…

By Jai Singh

It is with a heavy heart and sadness that I share this about my own mother. It’s something I never thought I would need to do but I have taken this decision after her public attacks. There has been so much twisted about the events that took place and I need to set the record straight.

I came to Lighthouse in 2007 mainly because I needed help with my life and family. One of the first things I asked Chris Nash and Paul S. Waugh was “can you help me help my mum?” Because I had seen her struggle all my life. I invested my own money, there was never any demand or expectation Rani would ever have financial resources and the personal help she received from Paul S. Waugh was done on an informal capacity and was never done with any financial expectation of her. Rani was never happy about me becoming a Partner at Lighthouse from day one and finding father figures because she always wanted to control and possess my brother and I, which is very common especially in single-parent families. 

Then 12 years later in 2019, after being helped to heal from so much of the damage, neglect and abuse from Rani which she herself acknowledged, I took the decision to ask Rani to raise a loan on her 2 recently-inherited flats and use some of that money to invest in myself, my brother and in Rani herself. 

For context, after my dad, Harinder Singh left when I was 7, Rani was severely depressed for over 2 decades and suffering constant nervous breakdowns. I by default became the man of the house and from a young age helped her to understand how to pay bills and how to manage. It was my brother Sukh Singh who suggested we come off state benefits after 14 years. Rani struggled to earn anything from that time and it was Sukh and I who held up her journalism career with the BBC who she’s only worked for very sporadically as a freelance reporter. We helped her use her equipment, helped her edit and write articles, gave her ideas and she would never have published 2 books without our daily help. 

During my entire time at Lighthouse Rani would constantly be unhappy at the amount of time we were spending away from her, she would use guilt trips to demand our attention and help and often we would come back exhausted just from spending a few days with her. It seriously affected our work and my ability to produce an income and I never had a chance to truly heal from the damage from my upbringing because she was always in my psyche even having recurring nightmares about being back in the family home. Paul S. Waugh has spent thousands of hours to help me personally through my abuse and neglect and often works around the clock all hours just to keep us going. If anything he’s invested way more time, money and effort here than he has ever received!! 

I realise now that even her investment in us was also done as a form of control and we set an agreement to pay her back between 2-5 years which would have ended in 2024. Sadly through Covid and the relentless attacks our business received in 2021 onwards which culminated in the Daily Mail article, we were unable to pay her back having already set aside and paid her thousands in repayments while compromising our own finances and our personal wellbeing. She was unrelenting in her demands, despite knowing the fragile state we were in. Rani has hardly produced any financial value through her life and we asked her to get a job to help make the payments herself, to apply for a bounceback loan from the government and help us in our time of need but she just kept on reminding us of our commitment and I became seriously unwell because of the guilt trips and manipulation. Once she realised we couldn’t pay anymore, despite our best efforts and having supported her her whole life, she turned on us. I asked for her help with the Daily Mail article given her media background but she then decided to go to them herself because, as I now realise, the only thing she really cared about was money and now, destroying me, those who have supported me and everything that we have worked so hard and sacrificed for. The irony is that she is destroying the very investment she is trying to recoup. This page details some of the facts and inaccuracies in that article. 

I gave Rani 30 years of my life trying to help her, I lost my childhood, my humanity, my ability to function as a human being. I came to Lighthouse to get help and yes she did invest in me but she used that as a stick to beat me with which just damaged me further. Even now I hope and pray one day we could reconcile. 

By Sukh Singh 

When I read the Daily Mail article for the first time and saw that ‘remortgaged her family home to help raise over £200,000 for her two sons to invest in the group’ I was hurt, angry and disappointed. What felt like a knife in the back was the fact that Jai and I had asked our mother for her help, because we were being attacked viciously online. I knew Rani had always had a problem with Paul, with Lighthouse, but to become part of a malicious smear campaign against us that’s designed to destroy our lives and businesses? I couldn’t believe it. 

The power of a son’s loyalty to their parents, especially their mother, can be devastating and self-destructive, if misplaced in a toxic parent. I’ve had to reconcile that my own birth mother is part of this hate-fuelled campaign and even writing this has been something I’ve really not wanted to do. I’ve lived with a constant threat and fear that if I do something to upset or hurt Rani in any way, that either she would come after me with hell’s fury or that she would end up severely harming herself, because she threatened to end her life so much to Jai and I when we were younger. I cannot live in that fear for the rest of my life. Toxic Families and toxic parents are a real issue. This is not uncommon, this is affecting children and grown up-children who still live in fear of what their parents can do to them and I hope by Jai and I doing this, other families can heal from damaged caused to them.

When I first decided to get mentored in 2009, I had no idea of the level of help I needed. I thought I just lacked direction and confidence, but I could feel something was deeply missing. Over the years, very reluctantly, myself and my mentors unpeeled the psychological damage caused by Rani along with the absence of my birth father, Harinder. We literally had to go through family therapy outside of Lighthouse, in our 30s, just to ensure that Jai and I could move out of our childhood home and not find Rani going into a nervous breakdown (like she did when we were children) because she was so terrified of losing us – her possessions. It took three years and we were further behind than when we started, with our therapist agreeing to the demands that Rani made; to no longer talk about herself as a part of the problem in our family and to not address her psychological damage from her family. The fact we invested over £7,000 in therapy with Chloe that caused me and my brother incredible stress, pain and confusion is just one of many crucial facts omitted from the Daily Mail article.

Over the last 12 years where Paul has literally sat down with Rani many times, to help her and us as a family – off his own back in a personal capacity. I don’t know of any senior person at any company who would extend themselves so much to support the family of a Partner in that business. Let alone over 12 years. Let alone when that parent was hateful and trying to sabotage the business and destroy the people in it! We even got to one point where Rani negotiated with Paul time where Jai and I could dedicate to supporting her to write her book. She literally expected us to be her PAs for months on end, while we were building our business and then complained to us that we looked exhausted and lacked an income…

I have come to accept that my mother values her reputation, her own secrets, and money, more than my life. I’ve also come to realise that nothing I can ever do with my life will ever be good enough for her, unless I totally submit to her will and/or give her all the money she wants to live a comfortable life. I’ve tried to keep quiet and get on with my life, hoping she would see sense and let us get on with our lives but I am seriously concerned that the Rani Singh today is a far cry from a reasonable, caring human being who can see any sense. I fear for her future and her fate. It’s only through Christ that I am developing the strength to forgive and to have compassion for this badly broken human being. Now I hope through this work we are doing to address the lies and manipulation she and others are guilty of, that she may see some sense, stop her abuse and that we as a family can one day heal. If you are reading this Rani I am praying for you.


How We Know This Daily Mail Source Is Rani Singh…

Of all our Lighthouse Associate Partners there are (and only ever have been) just two biological brothers; Jairaj and Sukhraj Singh. So when it came to the Daily Mail’s reference of “a mother” who “remortgaged her family home to help raise over £200,000 for her two sons to invest in the group” there was only one possible person that could be, Jai and Sukh’s mother, Rani Singh. 

Rani is someone known personally to many long-term partners here at Lighthouse and the nature of her involvement in this article has saddened many of us deeply. She has been a part of our collective journey in excess of a decade; we have eaten with her, had drinks with her, danced and laughed with her at times. 

As with everything written by us on this website, our intention is to champion the truth and ensure that, where lies and falsehoods are being written or spoken about Lighthouse and its people, we are challenging and confronting them with the facts and holding them accountable to reality. As you will come to learn from Paul S. Waugh, when we at Lighthouse have made mistakes, we will apologise and make things right and where we have got things right, we will strive to make things better.

The Reality Of The ‘Remortgaged Family Home’

As I mentioned above. Rani never invested anything financially in Lighthouse from day 1. There was never any prospect of her investing anything financially so to accuse Lighthouse of preying on her is just laughable.

After her parents death in 2019, Rani Singh inherited 2 rental properties. Before that, Rani had consistently struggled financially to even just maintain and keep hold of the family home, which has always been rented. It was never owned by her, as the Daily Mail suggests, meaning there was no possible remortgage of a ‘family home’.

During these years, myself and my brother worked relentlessly to earn and help cover the costs, often helped and supported by Mr Waugh and others in various ways. Rani tried where she could but she could never hold a steady job, she sold jewellery to help fund costs but always held that against myself and my brother.

The reality behind the £200,000 is explained below with full context.

Rani Singh’s Attitude To Her Sons’ Involvement With Lighthouse International Group

Despite well over a decade of support, guidance and help we received from Paul S. Waugh, Chris Nash, Warren Vaughan and other Lighthouse Partners, Rani was not willing to help in our greatest time of need. Her main interest was always money, how much we are earning, when we will be earning more and when she would see the return on her investment in us, her sons (no one has ever invested in Lighthouse as a business, we are a partnership).

When we struggled to make the repayments because we were being attacked and our business devastated, we went to her for help with the Daily Mail article given her career was based in media (starring in EastEnders before then becoming an independent journalist and author) and asked for her advice and help dealing with enquiries from the Daily Mail in February 2021. Rani, instead went to the Daily Mail and helped contribute to their article because, ultimately it was all about money for her and she met people who had the same twisted experiences and wanted to attack us and Paul S. Waugh.   

Two Sons Bravely Speak Out & Hold Their Mother Accountable

For more than a decade Jai and Sukh have tried to build a healthy relationship with their mother, despite the chaos and abuse suffered by both of them inside and outside their own home and long turbulent history with her. Until now they have kept the truth about their experiences very private. However, given Ms Singh’s insistence on speaking to the media and involvement in raising the profile of those psychopathically trying to break down Lighthouse International Group, they have decided it’s time to speak out. 

In this open, raw, brutally candid as well as moving and humbling account, the two men share for the first time the background and context behind their mother’s own involvement with the Daily Mail and constructive sabotage against Lighthouse International Group in her tragic bid to try and regain influence and control over them as her sons. 

Below is a Waugh Rooms interview with Sukh & Jai Singh, along with Paul S. Waugh and Chris Nash, filmed on 6th October 2022.

Rani Singh & The Daily Mail 

Although only quoted a few times in the Daily Mail Article, Ms Singh not only contributed to the article, but she also manipulated the information she gave them. You will see this below in our responses to her statements. All our responses can be proven and backed up by written records her sons have and will eventually present in court. This is of course unless Ms Singh would be kind enough to give us permission to publish these records before that time.

(False) Statement 1: 

In one case, a mother says she remortgaged her family home to help raise over £200,000 for her two sons to invest in the group, which they were promised would be repaid…”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • This was not her family home, it was on 2 rental flats.
  • There was a mortgage raised of over £400,000 of which Rani Singh personally benefitted from £150,000+ to go on business trips to India, buy a car, refurbish her home, refurbish her rental flats and expensive legal fees to fight an inheritance case with her siblings which her sons supported her with enormously.
  • This remortgage was done on a win-win basis it was NOT predatory. 
  • Rani Singh did not invest in ‘the group’. There is no ‘group’ to invest in and Lighthouse International Group being registered as an LLP is unable to issue any shares or equity in the company. She invested in us, her sons over a period of years and we chose what to do with that money.
  • We had been mentored and counselled for 12 years up until that point so £200,000 over a period of 12 years between two people is £8000 per year and we were receiving daily help as well as support with accommodation for a year when we were unable to work. 
  • Between us and Rani Singh we drew up a win-win performance agreement  which currently runs until 2024 however she has now forfeited this. We were successfully honouring this agreement for 6-12 months until Covid-19 impacted our business and the relentless trolling we received meant we were unable to continue paying. Rani was continually using this as a guilt trip to hang over our heads. 

The below statement is written by Sukh Singh who is willing to testify to this matter in court, under oath: 

“It was not her “family home” in London. The mortgage was raised on inherited rental flats in London and £100,000 of the money was for my mother’s personal use to buy, amongst other things, a new car, business trips to India and money for improving her flats and her main residence.  As children, we supported our mother emotionally and financially for our whole lives as child carers due to her nervous breakdowns and severe chronic depression. As a side note, my brother took great pains to ensure that those two flats could provide a rental income for our mother. So not only were they inherited, she was earning £2,500 per month for having done very little work herself in this situation. So I mean, how much do you want to twist the truth? Oh that’s right, it’s the Daily Mail – let’s go for it!” – Sukh Singh

(False) Statement 2:  

“…She says she has not received a penny back.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Jai and Sukh Singh have paid Rani Singh tens of thousands of pounds initially setting aside over £20,000 for repayments as well as making repayments for 6-12 months which is all on record. 
  • Rani Singh was living on her rental income from both flats as well as £2000 a month from her sons while they were struggling to afford their own rent and bills. It was not sustainable so they asked her to help.
  • As well as this, they also aided and supported her in getting the inherited properties ready for letting, dealing with all the logistics and administration necessary for her to do so. 

(False) Statement 3: 

“One Woman is still owed £200k she ‘invested'”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • As established, Rani Singh did not invest any money in Lighthouse International Group. This is not possible. She invested the money with and for her two sons and has a personal written agreement with them to this effect. 
  • Also as established, Ms Singh benefitted significantly from this money and only when it became clear we as her sons couldn’t pay her anymore and asked for her help did she turn on us and go to the press.

Rani Singh’s Involvement With The Constructive Sabotage Against Lighthouse International Group

Rani Singh now goes as far as to publicly endorse Lighthouse International Group being labelled as a ‘cult’ on her twitter feed – despite there being absolutely no proof of this whatsoever. She did this by openly associating herself with someone who appears to have a criminal record for stalking and harassing others. Mr Jon Breen. He has an especially unhealthy obsession with attacking and trolling Lighthouse International Group and Paul S. Waugh. Even the Daily Mail refused to go so far as to allow their sources to claim that Lighthouse is a ‘cult’, or even ‘behaves like a cult’.

This individual (Jon Breen – @educofirebird) has been attacking Lighthouse International Group since March 2021 despite him never having met any existing Lighthouse partners and Paul S. Waugh. He has never been involved at any time in any of Lighthouse’s work. He literally first heard about the company on Reddit forums where people like Joanne Holmes and later Richard Thomas were posting about the company in 2021. 

In the period between February 2021 and October 2022, there have been over 2,900 anti-Lighthouse posts and comments made online and, despite having had no direct experience or contact with those still working at Lighthouse, Mr Breen is responsible for more than 1,500 of these! It is quite the remarkable feat that has far ‘outshone’ even Ms Holmes and Mr Thomas.

We have been constantly attacked by him online to the extent that his public hatred of Lighthouse led to us being sent a page about him ( This site, although we cannot confirm the accuracy of the information, is most definitely consistent with his pathology and behaviour, based on hundreds of pages of evidence we have collated on him alone. 

We are far from the only ones Mr Breen has harassed online and through the ongoing anti-Lighthouse smear campaign drama in Reddit we recently saw his once fellow Lighthouse assailants distance themselves from him. This was something that led him to turn on them also, but not relent in his personal anti-Lighthouse and anti-Paul Waugh campaign. Some might expect us to be angry and resentful of Mr Breen, but instead we feel a deep sense of compassion for someone who is clearly an unhealthy individual in need of help.   

After the Daily Mail Article was published, Rani Singh was engaged on Twitter by Jon Breen (@educofirebird) on the 21st April 2022 where he shared the video from the Daily Mail article with her. Since then there have been multiple interactions on Twitter between the two; with both having an association with the BBC. As above, she has endorsed his tweets about cults (that she had no prior interest in) and he has actively promoted her interview about cults on her show broadcasted on River Radio. 

Rani Singh Seeking To Use Her Influence In Media To Defame Lighthouse International Group

Given Jon Breen’s fascination with cults, it is likely that Rani Singh was introduced to Alexandra Stein through Mr Breen, who she interviewed on 7th August 2022. The interview was about the Family Survival Trust’s “Coercive Control in Cultic Groups in the UK” report. Due to the nature of the smear campaign against Lighthouse International Group, ‘Lighthouse International cult’ was mentioned in this report that only named four other organisations. Rather than questioning a report that threatened to damage the reputation of the organisation her sons are actively involved in building, she has decided to promote it. 

In her interview with Alexandra Stein, she hinted that she believes her sons are involved in a cult through the statements made and the questions asked.

“Your family may be coerced into giving vast amounts of money. Can you describe the patterns of behaviour of a cult leader towards these families? … Supposing the families have family members who’ve joined a coercive control group.” 

(Here she says ‘family members’ (plural), rather than ‘a family member’ which is a strong indicator she’s referring to her own perceived situation) 

There was only one allegation out of 11 put to Lighthouse by the Daily Mail in its original communication with Paul S. Waugh in February 2021 that it was unwilling to publish. This allegation was, “ex-members say LIG behaves like a cult”. Ms Singh, however, clearly wants to find ways and means to find external endorsement of this label to discredit the people and work at Lighthouse International Group through her media connections and influence.

Tweets From Paul S. Waugh 

Conclusion: Our Ideal Outcome For Rani Singh, Her Sons & Lighthouse

There is far more at stake in this post than a simple apology and withdrawal of comments made; public or anonymous, in the media or in private conversations. We are talking about the health, happiness and wellbeing of some incredibly damaged individuals in a broken family that needs to heal and ideally reconcile. 

This is about actively encouraging Rani Singh to truly take true adult and mature responsibility for the harm and the damage done to her own two sons through her very own actions; past and present. It’s about rectifying the betrayal shown to them at a time in need. They came to her asking for help with stopping this article being published that would facilitate the return of her investment into her sons and she reacted in a way that has completely destroyed the prospect of this investment being returned. She lacked the courage to even put her name to this because deep down she knew this was morally and ethically wrong. In so doing she has deliberately tried to sabotage the efforts of her own sons to build their lives with and through their involvement at Lighthouse International Group. And what’s more, Rani Singh knows and has met a number of Jai and Sukh’s partners at Lighthouse, including their families! She knows how hard we work at Lighthouse International Group to help people (including ourselves) to heal, to grow and to develop. Our silence and discretion has been seen as a sign of weakness and we feel a great degree of sadness that we have even had to post this online. 

We are, however, believers in the truly human capacity for individuals to take responsibility for their actions, to apologise, to forgive, to make things right, to find solutions and through that to create opportunities to build value. As with all those who have been attacking us online and offline as constructive saboteurs, we want the best for Rani Singh and we truly hope we can find a way that she can be a shining example through her repentance and subsequent transformation. We know this will not be an easy process, a lot of damage has been done, but we live in hope that she will see the error in her ways and want the best outcome for herself, her sons and, by natural extension, the other partners at Lighthouse International Group as well as their families.   

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UPDATE: IPSO now investigating The Daily Mail. We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.
UPDATE: IPSO now investigating The Daily Mail. We pray for all.