The Real Story of Rani Singh, BBC Reporter –  Lighthouse Daily Mail Source


This page reveals the reality behind one of the unnamed sources for the Daily Mail article about Lighthouse International Group; Ms Rani Singh.

Jai Singh & Sukh Singh have removed the personal content from this page regarding their mother, given a court order against her on 19th June 2023.




Rani Singh’s Involvement With The Constructive Sabotage Against Lighthouse International Group

Rani Singh now goes as far as to publicly endorse Lighthouse International Group being labelled as a ‘cult’ on her twitter feed – despite there being absolutely no proof of this whatsoever. She did this by openly associating herself with someone who appears to have a criminal record for stalking and harassing others. Mr Jon Breen. He has an especially unhealthy obsession with attacking and trolling Lighthouse International Group and Paul S. Waugh. Even the Daily Mail refused to go so far as to allow their sources to claim that Lighthouse is a ‘cult’, or even ‘behaves like a cult’.

This individual (Jon Breen – @educofirebird) has been attacking Lighthouse International Group since March 2021 despite him never having met any existing Lighthouse partners and Paul S. Waugh. He has never been involved at any time in any of Lighthouse’s work. He literally first heard about the company on Reddit forums where people like Joanne Holmes and later Richard Thomas were posting about the company in 2021. 

In the period between February 2021 and October 2022, there have been over 2,900 anti-Lighthouse posts and comments made online and, despite having had no direct experience or contact with those still working at Lighthouse, Mr Breen is responsible for more than 1,500 of these! It is quite the remarkable feat that has far ‘outshone’ even Ms Holmes and Mr Thomas.

We have been constantly attacked by him online to the extent that his public hatred of Lighthouse led to us being sent a page about him ( This site, although we cannot confirm the accuracy of the information, is most definitely consistent with his pathology and behaviour, based on hundreds of pages of evidence we have collated on him alone. 

We are far from the only ones Mr Breen has harassed online and through the ongoing anti-Lighthouse smear campaign drama in Reddit we recently saw his once fellow Lighthouse assailants distance themselves from him. This was something that led him to turn on them also, but not relent in his personal anti-Lighthouse and anti-Paul Waugh campaign. Some might expect us to be angry and resentful of Mr Breen, but instead we feel a deep sense of compassion for someone who is clearly an unhealthy individual in need of help.   

After the Daily Mail Article was published, Rani Singh was engaged on Twitter by Jon Breen (@educofirebird) on the 21st April 2022 where he shared the video from the Daily Mail article with her. Since then there have been multiple interactions on Twitter between the two; with both having an association with the BBC. As above, she has endorsed his tweets about cults (that she had no prior interest in) and he has actively promoted her interview about cults on her show broadcasted on River Radio. 

Rani Singh Seeking To Use Her Influence In Media To Defame Lighthouse International Group

Given Jon Breen’s fascination with cults, it is likely that Rani Singh was introduced to Alexandra Stein through Mr Breen, who she interviewed on 7th August 2022. The interview was about the Family Survival Trust’s “Coercive Control in Cultic Groups in the UK” report. Due to the nature of the smear campaign against Lighthouse International Group, ‘Lighthouse International cult’ was mentioned in this report that only named four other organisations. Rather than questioning a report that threatened to damage the reputation of the organisation her sons are actively involved in building, she has decided to promote it. 

In her interview with Alexandra Stein, she hinted that she believes her sons are involved in a cult through the statements made and the questions asked.

“Your family may be coerced into giving vast amounts of money. Can you describe the patterns of behaviour of a cult leader towards these families? … Supposing the families have family members who’ve joined a coercive control group.” 

(Here she says ‘family members’ (plural), rather than ‘a family member’ which is a strong indicator she’s referring to her own perceived situation) 

There was only one allegation out of 11 put to Lighthouse by the Daily Mail in its original communication with Paul S. Waugh in February 2021 that it was unwilling to publish. This allegation was, “ex-members say LIG behaves like a cult”. Ms Singh, however, clearly wants to find ways and means to find external endorsement of this label to discredit the people and work at Lighthouse International Group through her media connections and influence.

Tweets From Paul S. Waugh 

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We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.
We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.