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This article is based on the Daily Mail article about Lighthouse International Group published on 19th April 2022. Joanne Holmes was one of the named sources who made 13 false accusations and libellous statements against Lighthouse International Group, its Head Mentor Paul S. Waugh as well as her former mentor, Shaun Cooper.

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Public photo of Joanne Holmes at Kutis Brasserie, Southampton, Copyright Lighthouse International.

What Is The Reason For Publishing This Page?

We know that Joanne Holmes is sensitive about her name being presented online in relation to being part of a pernicious smear campaign, especially given her role as a primary school teacher at Chipping Hill Primary school. 

However, Joanne Holmes has felt at liberty to do what she can to destroy the character, wellbeing and the reputation of Lighthouse International Group and its partners for the last 18 months. This culminated in putting her name to statements that lacked context and/or simply weren’t true. The reason for this page is to present the truth and reality behind the manipulative accusations and statements published in the Daily Mail next to her name.    

As we’ve said to all those attacking us through the Daily Mail article or online, if Joanne Holmes truly believes and stands by her claims, then we invite her to provide consent for us to publish the counter evidence we hold from her communications with us, currently blocked by data protection laws, before the need to go to court.  

Our motivation is to stop Joanne Holmes from continuing to facilitate hate crimes against us directly and indirectly without taking responsibility for the harm and damage this causes herself and others through her actions. Ultimately we would like to see her dedicate her efforts towards making a difference to children and teachers rather than trying to break down the Associate Partners and by natural extension the families at Lighthouse International Group. We do not want Joanne Holmes to make things worse for herself physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually. We would much rather have her drop her anger towards us and, through her responsibility taking, be able to help others who lack the ability to resolve disputes in an amicable way.

Despite the harm she has wished on us, Paul S. Waugh has continued to see the best in her.   

Tweets From Paul S. Waugh

The Facts Behind Joanne Holmes’s False Accusations Against Lighthouse International Group

All of these facts can be backed up and proven with tangible evidence held in private communications and recordings (made with mutual consent) that will be released with Ms Holmes’s permission, or will be presented in court. 

Accusation 1:

‘He said I could build on my existing work with pupils and teachers and make a difference for them and said the charity part of Lighthouse would invest in purifying water in Africa.

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Ms Holmes was given several special opportunities to develop initiatives to support teachers and make more of a difference in education.
  • Despite this, we can show that Ms Holmes did very little to take ownership of such opportunities and the support offered to her.
  • Lighthouse International Group have never claimed to be providing funds to clean water in Africa at present. Such initiatives are aspirational long-term goals. If Ms Holmes refutes this she must show proof.

Accusation 2:

”I invested £19,000 in instalments, but I had to get a loan out to fund it. But they knew I had a big asset with my house. I think they saw the long term.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Ms Holmes was helped from within Lighthouse to avoid taking out loans.
  • Not mentioned is the remaining £6,000 of Ms Holmes’s £25,000 fee that was privately paid for by another Associate Partner, to be paid back when possible, without interest.
  • As of 2022, no more than 47 people have invested in their development through Associate Partnership Development Programs at fees between £10,000 – £25,000 (many at the lower amounts). Set across 18 years, this is a tiny amount for any business and disproves any untoward “long-term” motives.
  • The long-term interests at Lighthouse International Group and its commitments are and have always been to see its people genuinely grow, develop and eventually succeed.

Accusation 3:

“Because of her investment, she became an ‘associate elect’ and part of a ‘business unit’ of members… This meant, during lockdown, she was expected to join calls lasting hours on Saturdays, during which Lighthouse leader Paul Waugh would spout his wisdom and grill other members… After the calls, members were sent edited audio recordings to listen to in the evenings — which they were then expected to provide feedback on so that Mr Waugh could assess their ‘level of understanding’.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Lighthouse Associates continually extend themselves in numerous extra ways to support and enable those like Ms Holmes to work around their Monday to Friday jobs.
  • There is NO obligation to be present on any of these calls in much the same way as there is no obligation to attend many lectures at universities.
  • Ms Holmes chose the level of involvement and commitment, time and effort, she was willing to make and committed to this in advance.
  • The purpose of feedback is quite logically to ensure understanding and clarify where errors and misunderstandings might hinder progress.

Accusation 4:

But after speaking to another alienated member, Ms Holmes began to research the group and eventually decided to ask for evidence of where her cash had been spent…. The response, following an email and a call, was a long message from Mr Waugh in which he accused her of being hateful, toxic and disturbed, claiming it was ‘downright terrifying . . . that you are a schoolteacher with delicate little and innocent children in your care’.

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Ms Holmes did not raise any concerns about Lighthouse until a day before she abruptly left the organisation, 18th April 2021.
  • A phone call was arranged and conducted the next day, 19th April, between Ms Holmes, Mr Waugh and Mr Cooper.
  • Ms Holmes belligerently spoke and shouted over both gentlemen for nearly an hour in a manner that shocked Mr Cooper.
  • Mr Cooper and Mr Waugh could not respond to Ms Holmes’s questions due to her lack of professional decorum and unreasonable, irrational attitude.
  • The recording of this can be provided in a court of law as evidence of her outburst, which the Daily Mail was informed of but neglected to report.
  • Mr Waugh’s remarks to Ms Holmes afterwards were an assessment and fair description of her behaviour, NOT of her as a person.

Accusation 5:

“He also said he had sent a report and a recording of the phone call with her to PhD students who ‘work specifically with teachers and their pathology in relation to their profession for observational analysis.’ .. Ms Holmes said: ‘I took that as a clear threat to my professional reputation.'”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Although Mr Waugh said in his message that he had sent this recording to PhDs to study and to seek their advice, he actually had changed his mind and decided not to do so.
  • Mr Waugh had prepared the recording such that it was legally permissible to share it. However, he never actually sent it having decided against it under counsel, as mentioned in what was sent to the Daily Mail on 24th February 2022.
  • The only threat to Ms Holmes’s professional reputation is the reality of her behaviour and what she is capable of, as displayed in her known actions on Reddit and during her phone call with Mr Cooper and Mr Waugh on 19th April 2021 (See above in response to Accusation 4).

Accusation 6:

“She adds: ‘Lighthouse bears all the hallmarks of a group that takes advantage of people by promising to transform your life and the world. But I have seen no evidence that any of their global initiatives have ever happened and it begs the question where the money goes.'”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Many testimonies to the contrary are included in our main response to the Daily Mail accusations and the people who have worked with Lighthouse for many years.
  • Lighthouse is a pioneering human development organisation that has been in a cost-covering research and development mode (intentionally) for the last 18 years, in order to build the necessary foundations for a pioneering operation and global expansion.
  • Due to the value, meaning and purpose of our goals, our Associate Partners have (on the whole) been willing to make a great many personal sacrifices to further the work and aims of the organisation.
  • We can proudly say we are now, finally, in the process of expanding our work internationally, bringing the benefits our existing clients have received to many many more..

Accusation 7:

“She has yet to receive any cash.'”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Ms Holmes has never asked for any money she invested in her development to be returned.
  • Ms Holmes is not legally entitled to any ‘cash’ and the Daily Mail makes no reference as to what this ‘cash’ is or why she might be entitled to any.
  • Ms Holmes cannot own any equity or shares in the organisation. LIG is a Limited Liability Partnership.
  • Ms Holmes has continually refused numerous open offers to meet and discuss her claims in person, with her lawyers if needed.

Accusation 8:

“It [LIG] accused Ms Holmes of trolling the group after leaving and said it had contacted the police and the school where she worked to complain.'”

  • The Evidence-Based Facts:
  • Extensive evidence exists of Ms Holmes’s active involvement as a ringleader in a co-ordinated campaign of constructive sabotage against Lighthouse International Group that will be presented in court.

Statement 1:

“Jo Holmes, 50, was introduced to Lighthouse International Group in early 2018 by a friend who had been mentored by Shaun Cooper.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • The ‘friend’ in question here was in fact Mr Thomas, one of the other named sources in this article
  • The friendship between Ms Holmes and Mr Thomas has been deliberately hidden by the Daily Mail and/or the article sources.
  • The reason for this relationship being hidden would most likely be because Mr Thomas was instrumental in encouraging and helping Ms Holmes to get involved with Lighthouse International Group. Something which would greatly undermine their accusations of coercion and manipulation.

Statement 3:

“Because a friend had invested, it seemed feasible.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • As stated in our response to Statement 1, the ‘friend’ in question is Mr Thomas, something the Daily Mail and/or its sources withheld, demonstrating a lack of openness and a practice of covering up unfavourable information.
  • The fact Mr Thomas was influential and instrumental in the involvement of Ms Holmes at Lighthouse International Group completely undermines and refutes their now joint claims of coercion and exploitation made in The Daily Mail.
  • Mr Thomas in a conversation with Mr Cooper had even floated the idea about him helping Ms Holmes with her investment in the Associate Elect Program himself.

Statement 2:

‘My marriage was breaking down at the time,’ she said. ‘Shaun became like a brother and it felt like he was really helping me.’ After a few months, he made ‘very subtle’ suggestions that she should invest in the group.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

    • It was actually Mr Thomas who urged Mr Cooper to involve Ms Holmes as an Associate Elect and was encouraging of it.
    • Ms Holmes has expressed numerous times on record of her praise for Mr Cooper’s support and care for her during her divorce.

Statement 4:

“’Now I feel stupid, but they build a relationship with you and they know your secrets, you trust them and believe in them.’” 

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • Ms Holmes’s attendance record and levels of involvement and commitment to her studying and work with Lighthouse were impeccable until she met a new romantic partner and entered into a relationship with that person. From there her resistance to Mr Cooper, Mr Waugh and Lighthouse in general quickly spiralled into acrimony.
  • The same statement could be said for Ms Holmes who got to learn and understand a great deal about people here and the trust was extended to her.

Statement 5:

“Lighthouse said the recording had been shared in ‘full compliance’ of the law and with Ms Holmes’s details anonymised.”

The Evidence-Based Facts:

  • This is NOT what we said to the Daily Mail.
  • A response to the Mail on the 8th February 2022 makes no direct reference to Ms Holmes and neither does it confirm that anything was indeed shared.
  • On the 22nd of February, after this was looked into further, it was definitively confirmed to Mr Kelly, prior to publication, that this information had NOT been shared.

Evidence of Abuse Towards Lighthouse International Group

The Daily Mail article about Lighthouse International Group is part of a malicious online smear campaign orchestrated by malignantly toxic people in operation since February 2021. This is some of what they have to say about us….

“I don’t give a flying monkey’s fuck about anything Paul Stephen Waugh says. Literally everything out of his mouth is complete bullshit. He’s so full of it if you gave him an enema you could bury him in a matchbox.”

“LIG and Associates – WE are coming for you”

“Monsters don’t exist but sadly Paul Stephen Waugh does, and that makes the world a shittier place to be. You are the abuser.”

“The predominant South African Strain of the Lighthouse 20 Virus has mutated into an Indian Variant. The Delta Variant originated with the Singh brothers [Jai & Sukh] and has been rapidly spreading through the UK.”

“It’s not just the Daily Mail… Everyone with the capacity for basic logic, and the ability to form simple ideas into coherent sentences, thinks that the output of Lighthouse International Group is endless, meaningless bullshit.”

We have offered many opportunities to meet and discuss any grievances with us in public, but these vengeful people continue to snipe from the shadows hiding behind pseudonyms. 


Constructive Sabotage & Trolling Facilitated By Joanne Holmes

Since December 2021, Ms Holmes (as the user Creativewrap919) helped set up and also moderates a forum on Reddit specifically designed to attack Paul S. Waugh, Lighthouse International Group and its people. Those at Lighthouse have been continually subjected to all manner of attack, character assassination and abuse; including racist attacks, religious hate and vile criminal insults from this very forum alone. This is not counting her activity on Reddit before the creation of this specific forum since April 2021. Across all forms of online media there have been over 2,900 harmful posts made since February 2021. Below are just some examples from Ms Holmes’s anti-Lighthouse Reddit forum and a full list can be found here. 

Conclusion: Our Ideal Outcome For Joanne Holmes & Lighthouse International Group

The aim of this article has been to give more background and context behind Joanne Holmes’s involvement with Lighthouse International Group. 

As stated above, Joanne came to us with the intention of making a positive impact on children and fellow teachers. We provided the opportunities and the support for her to do this, but we cannot take responsibility for her lack of willingness to extend herself in line with these opportunities. Likewise, we cannot take responsibility for Joanne’s lack of willingness and ability to work through the issues she has in relation to her involvement with Lighthouse International Group. 

We have sadly found Ms Holmes to be notorious at pursuing manipulative ways of ‘questioning’ and discrediting the work of Lighthouse International Group. She has done this whilst ignoring all offers to meet with Paul S. Waugh and discuss her grievances reasonably and maturely in order to find a win-win solution together.  

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We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.
We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.