Daily Mail’s Tom Kelly & Adam Luck Exposed & Discredited For Attacking Paul Waugh & Lighthouse International

This page profiles the two ‘journalists’ who colluded with predatory trolls on Reddit to publish a malicious, completely biased and false Daily Mail article about Lighthouse International Group in April 2022.

We will outline the truth about these individuals through tweets from our head of HR Paul Waugh who was targetted by these professional predatory trolls. If you have been a victim of clickbait press attacks please get in touch. We are building a groundswell of individuals and organisations to hold these individuals and the Daily Mail accountable in all ways and means possible, legal, criminal, judicial and publicly.

Jo Holmes, Daily Mail, Lighthouse International
Tom Kelly – @tomreporter
Jo Holmes, Daily Mail, Lighthouse International

Adam Luck – @Iammadao

Tweets From Paul Waugh About Tom Kelly & Adam Luck of The Daily Mail…

For 18 years, Paul Waugh and Lighthouse have worked tirelessly to help young people come out of toxic, abusive and controlling families to reach their potential. These toxic families, jealous of losing control of their children and siblings, have relentlessly attacked Lighthouse International Group, Paul Waugh and the good people here online and through the media. Tom Kelly, Adam Luck, The Daily Mail and its sources are once and for all being held accountable as we set the record straight with the truth behind these toxic families and individuals. 

Why Are We Holding Tom Kelly & Adam Luck Accountable

Since the two Daily Mail articles about Lighthouse were published Tom Kelly and Adam Luck have stood back and watched us hold our constructive saboteurs publicly accountable. This is because they believe they are untouchable. However we are proving that they ought to be held accountable with those they have endorsed for a number of reasons:

  1. The publication of the Daily Mail article about Lighthouse is the part of the malicious smear campaign that affected our children the most. Innocent children started to fear for their physical safety. 

2. Tom Kelly and Adam Luck have also directly and indirectly affected the vulnerable people we work with at Lighthouse; sabotaging their efforts to heal from challenges like childhood trauma and sexual abuse.

3. In writing the article about Lighthouse International Group Tom Kelly and Adam Luck have been the most complicit in the damage caused to us, our business and our children.

4. By siding with their sources and those they associate with, Tom Kelly and Adam Luck have endorsed and fuelled malevolent acts such as hate speech, child abuse and sexual abuse. 

5. The article written by Tom Kelly and Adam Luck was based on nothing more than hearsay, bias and prejudice; with 45 false statements that need to be proved.

6. Tom Kelly ignored multiple invitations to meet with Paul Waugh and his family because Mr Kelly knew that he could not look in the eyes of Mr Waugh and his children with any level of self-respect and dignity. 

7. Tom Kelly and Adam Luck would never have written such a libellous and poorly-written article about a multinational conglomerate. They wrote this about us because they are bullies and believed we didn’t have the resources to stand up to them and the Daily Mail.

8. Both Tom Kelly and Adam Luck believe they are above the law and have special privileges as members of the press by citing ‘public interest’ to justify writing what they want without evidence. They have printed something that was neither in the public interest nor in the interest of the public. 

9. We have strong reason to believe that this article came from nepotism and more specifically through connections to the malignantly toxic families who have abused people at Lighthouse for years.

10. Our comprehensive response was mocked by Tom Kelly and Adam Luck both in the article itself and to those who have been assaulting us online for over 20 months.

11. Tom Kelly and Adam Luck have strayed unethically from the standards set by IPSO and the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

Evidence of Abuse Towards Lighthouse International Group

The Daily Mail article about Lighthouse International Group is part of a malicious online smear campaign orchestrated by malignantly toxic people in operation since February 2021. This is some of what they have to say about us.

These people were directly in contact with Tom Kelly at the Daily Mail and were sources for the article directly and indirectly. 

We have strong reason and evidence to believe the Daily Mail article was written as a favour for a toxic family member of one of our Lighthouse Associates who was against them being involved with us.

“I don’t give a flying monkey’s fuck about anything Paul Stephen Waugh says. Literally everything out of his mouth is complete bullshit. He’s so full of it if you gave him an enema you could bury him in a matchbox.”

“LIG and Associates – WE are coming for you”

“Monsters don’t exist but sadly Paul Stephen Waugh does, and that makes the world a shittier place to be. You are the abuser.”

“The predominant South African Strain of the Lighthouse 20 Virus has mutated into an Indian Variant. The Delta Variant originated with the Singh brothers [Jai & Sukh] and has been rapidly spreading through the UK.”

“It’s not just the Daily Mail… Everyone with the capacity for basic logic, and the ability to form simple ideas into coherent sentences, thinks that the output of Lighthouse International Group is endless, meaningless bullshit.”

We have offered many opportunities to meet and discuss any grievances with us in public, but these vengeful people continue to snipe from the shadows hiding behind pseudonyms. 


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If you or someone you know has been a subjected to defamation and/or harassment in the press or online please get in touch with us below. We would love to hear from you and help with advice from our own experiences and other professionals. You are not alone. We have a community here to support you.

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We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.
We have extensive evidence proving all claims false, but unable to release due to data protection. We pray for all.