Lighthouse International Expose The Toxic Families Behind The Daily Mail’s Lies

For 18 years, Paul Waugh and Lighthouse have worked tirelessly to help young people come out of toxic, abusive and controlling families to reach their potential. These toxic families, jealous of losing control of their children and siblings, have relentlessly attacked Lighthouse International Group, Paul Waugh and the good people here online and through the media. This site is to once and for all set the record straight with the truth behind these toxic families and individuals.  

Watch the first case of the truth behind the toxic families who attack us.

Paul Stephen Waugh, along with Lighthouse International Group Chairman Chris Nash, speak with fellow Lighthouse Partners and brothers in Christ, Jai Singh and Sukh Singh, about the ongoing persecution from their own toxic family.

Standing For Truth

Since the first cynical and destructive assaults on Lighthouse International Group and the character of its people in March 2021, we have continually sought to engage in rational discussions to find a peaceful resolution with the toxic individuals and families involved.

We the Christian people of Lighthouse are constantly persecuted and lied about with malicious falsehoods from these toxic families ongoing who then go to the press to add a semblance of ‘credibility’ to their claims. These toxic families and individuals are trying to destroy us – their children – here at Lighthouse, as we are liberating ourselves. They will not stop until they have decimated and destroyed our lives. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ continues to sustain and protect us through His wonderful grace. It is our continual hope we can still avoid the worst legal and financial outcomes for our assailants and bring this to a righteous conclusion.

Sharing Our Story To Help Others

On this site you’ll discover the truth of the toxic individuals and families behind the Daily Mail smear campaign against Lighthouse & the vicious attacks we received. We’re now using these experiences to help others. Click here for truth behind the Daily Mail article… 

Heal From Toxic Families & Protect Yourself From Online Attacks

We were completely unprepared for online & press attacks let alone the toxic families behind them. Don’t let that happen to you, your business or your children! Join a groundswell of people coming together to liberate themselves and each other.

Learn How To Handle The Media & Press

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What we Do

How The Daily Mail Targeted Lighthouse International…


As a mentoring, coaching and counselling community, we launched this campaign because over the last two years we’ve been maliciously attacked by a small group of bitter ex-business partners and clients constructively sabotaging our lives, families and business online. We have endured religious persecution, racism, hate crimes and attacks on our children. This culminated in a fabricated Daily Mail article designed to destroy us. Far from destroying us it gave us the opportunity to learn from it, become stronger as a team and in turn help others.

54% of UK Adults Distrust The Daily Mail & Tabloid Press

“They’ve [Daily Mail] mastered the art of click bait, they’ve mastered the art of hyped up headlines, they’ve also mastered the art….of running stories that simply aren’t true. And that’s why Wikipedia decided not to accept them as a source anymore.”

– Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder, Wikipedia

“…for once, someone has had the courage to question their probity and their honesty and, generally speaking, if anyone does that with a paper like the Daily Mail, however much they may go on about freedom of speech, no one is allowed the freedom of speech to question the Daily Mail. If you do, you will be trashed, and that’s what’s happened again and again and again to me and to anyone else who has dared to question the Daily Mail.” 

Hugh Grant, Actor, Board Member, Hacked Off

Evidence of Abuse Towards Lighthouse International Group

The Daily Mail article about Lighthouse International Group is part of a malicious online smear campaign orchestrated by malignantly toxic people in operation since February 2021. This is some of what they have to say about us….

“I don’t give a flying monkey’s fuck about anything Paul Stephen Waugh says. Literally everything out of his mouth is complete bullshit. He’s so full of it if you gave him an enema you could bury him in a matchbox.”

“LIG and Associates – WE are coming for you”

“Monsters don’t exist but sadly Paul Stephen Waugh does, and that makes the world a shittier place to be. You are the abuser.”

“The predominant South African Strain of the Lighthouse 20 Virus has mutated into an Indian Variant. The Delta Variant originated with the Singh brothers [Jai & Sukh] and has been rapidly spreading through the UK.”

“It’s not just the Daily Mail… Everyone with the capacity for basic logic, and the ability to form simple ideas into coherent sentences, thinks that the output of Lighthouse International Group is endless, meaningless bullshit.”

We have offered many opportunities to meet and discuss any grievances with us in public, but these vengeful people continue to snipe from the shadows hiding behind pseudonyms. 


Our Demand For Evidence From The Daily Mail

Paul Stephen Waugh and Lighthouse International Group demand that the Daily Mail provide full and objective evidence of the facts and its fact checking processes that back up and substantiate the accusations, claims, insinuations and statements referred to below and their related points. As of 5th October 2022, zero verifiable and legitimate proof has been provided for any of the points below and related points, where this is required. 

It’s important for the Daily Mail to note that we at Lighthouse International Group have substantial and tangible evidence, in various formats, for the fact that all of these sources have misconstrued facts, lied, withheld key information and context, have arguably attempted to blackmail Lighthouse and have all been challenged and instructed to take Mr Waugh and/or our company to court over these claims. This has been provided to you in part in our ‘Response To Allegations Against Lighthouse International’ document. However the vast majority of evidence that we have is covered by data protection, which your sources refuse to give us permission to use, however this will be revealed when this inevitably ends up in court as it seems destined to be.

5 Reasons The Daily Mail Wrote About Lighthouse International…

1. This All Came From Toxic Families & Relationships 

– At Lighthouse there are 3 main reasons why people attack us.

1. They have controlling, toxic families, siblings or partners who feel jealous and resentful that they can’t control their child or partner anymore.
2. Ex-business partners or clients who are bitter about refunds that they are not due.
3. Those who fall in love with their mentor and when those advances aren’t reciprocated become nasty and bitter. 

2. Anonymous Trolling On Reddit 

– These 3 groups of toxic family members, ex-business partners and spurned mentees actively sought out each other and anyone with grievances against Lighthouse.
These false accusations and racist attacks were then made online on Reddit by these disgruntled people to slander and defame Lighthouse & its people.

– The purpose was to inflict damage on our reputation, to destroy our lives & our business as well as any opportunities; present & future.

– They sought to use the Daily Mail as a platform to legitimise their malicious campaign of constructive sabotage.

3. Criminal Trolls Get Involved

– These character & well-being assassins then proactively roped in people on the net; some of them criminal, extremely unstable & dangerous, to attack us and even lead the charge.

– These people had no prior issue with Lighthouse International Group and had never met us. Some of the most vile attacks can be seen here.

4. Daily Assaults To Hurt Us

– This was then followed by a daily flood of slurs and hate crimes on the people of Lighthouse International Group; our characters, our mental health and wellbeing designed to cause as much pain, suffering and debilitation as possible.

– They hurt and nearly destroyed many sensitive and honest people here. This continues daily despite increasing police intervention.

– Despite being the most targeted by these assailants, Paul Waugh has stated on numerous occasions that he would be there to help any ex-partners if their physical safety was at risk and offered to meet them numerous times to reconcile. 

5. An Inside Job & No Investigation By The Daily Mail

– The Lighthouse assailants hellbent on destroying us then went to the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and other newspapers to add a perception of ‘credibility’ to their assaults. Tom Kelly then printed a sensationalised, biased story designed for advertising clickbait.

– There is a potential personal connection between a senior member of the Mail’s staff and a sibling of one of our Associate Partners. If confirmed, this is a potential conspiracy of corruption and malicious act of defamation by the Daily Mail.

– Lighthouse has sent the Daily Mail a list of 45 key and defamatory statements and points from the article demanding their proof and evidence to substantiate the validity of each point.

– The Daily Mail did no serious investigation or fact-checking. They hung the responsibility for the ‘accusations’ in the article on the shoulders of their sources. Here’s a list of the most vile assaults.

4 Facts The Daily Mail Article Left Out Of Their Article On Lighthouse International Group

There are very significant facts and crucial pieces of information omitted in this article or that have been prejudicially manipulated against Lighthouse International Group. For example:

  • Ongoing attempts at resolution have been totally ignored by these sources: Long standing offers for these accusers to present evidence and resolve grievances with us have been unilaterally dismissed and even mocked by them.

  • A compassionate refund offer was rudely ignored: A refund was offered, purely on compassionate grounds, to one of the main sources, but they subsequently and rudely ignored this for 3 months, which is not disclosed in the article.

  • Key connections are deliberately hidden: The paper has hidden that two of the named sources have a long-term friendship where one supported the other’s involvement in Lighthouse International Group which completely dismisses their accusations of coercion.

  • A private recording has been manipulated with clear bias: Crucial context to the audio recording of Paul Waugh (in the Mail Online version) was left absent in order to enhance the negative impression it makes as shown in this article here.

All these factors will have left Daily Mail readers with very misinformed, prejudicially influenced and extremely damning impressions of both Paul Waugh and Lighthouse International Group.

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